Falcon Midstream Services completed 487 miles of large diameter pipeline (20" and greater) in 2019 alone, including three 100 mile projects, with no lost time incidents.  From large turnkey projects to callout tests, we have the experience you need to make your project successful.




Relationships, Talent and Discipline.


Our team have built their reputations on treating people well and giving clients what they want.  When you do that, people respect you and continue to give you opportunities to succeed.  We have very strong relationships with many contractors and operating companies because we have been honest, we have kept our commitments and we exceed the client's expectations both in the field and in the conference room.


We have the expertise to execute your work safely, on schedule and on budget as well as the necessary financial and operational support to help our field teams make your project successful.


We have the discipline to not grow too fast or take on projects where we cannot achieve a win-win result.  If growing our company means our safety, quality or culture cannot be preserved, we will not grow.  We will not sacrifice what we stand for just to capture even one more dollar of revenue, nor will we make promises we cannot keep.

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