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As a pipeline operator, your responsibility to your customers is to move their product to market for sale or to a processing facility for refinement.  Sometimes, you can't afford to shut down the flow of your line for maintenance, cleaning or integrity assessments.  In order to help you keep your product flowing, Falcon Midstream Services offers turnkey online services, including the following:

  • Online mechanical cleaning

  • Online chemical cleaning

  • Online tool inspections

  • Filtration and separation

  • Flaring

Online Mechanical Cleaning

When you need to mechanically clean your pipeline without interrupting the flow of product, Falcon has the capability to run medium and high density foam pigs, urethane cast pigs, steel body mandrel pigs and more while managing product filtration and eliminating downtime.

Online Chemical Cleaning

When you need to chemically clean your pipeline without interrupting the flow of product, Falcon has the capability to run chemicals you provide or to provide a customized solution to suit your needs.  We can provide chemical solutions to handle the toughest parrafins, asphaltines, salts, iron deposits, black powders, oils, lubricants and so much more.  Falcon will manage all temporary separation to protect all downstream assets.

Online Tool Inspections

Once your pipeline has been cleaned by Falcon, we provide turnkey online tool run services.  Instead of managing multiple vendors, Falcon can cover your entire scope from debris assessment through successful ILI survey.


Filtration and Separation

Depending on what services are required, Falcon can also provide separation and filtration for removal of solid debris and liquids from your pipeline.


Falcon will also provide temporary flaring services, depending on the scope of the project and the products being handled.

For all your online service needs, call us at 936.441.8378.

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